Your family's safety is important to us

Texas License to carry course

“I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.”

– Clint Smith

Options offered

Standard Class

The standard class is a four to six hour classroom course with a multiple-choice test, followed by a hands on practical exam. You will be given a certificate of completion that is necessary to turn in to the state to get your license to carry permit.

New to Handguns Class

The new to handguns class covers everything the standard class does, but places more emphasis on fundamentals. Also, handgun experience and personal coaching is offered before the practical exam.

Life can be unexpected

You don’t wear a seat belt because you’re expecting to get into a car wreck; you wear it just in case something happens.  You probably aren’t looking for trouble, but sometimes it can find you.  Wouldn’t you rather carry a handgun and not need it than need a handgun you didn’t carry?